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We, the sisters who come under the Order Of Saint Mary Visitation have a different approach to life. For us, life is not all that is attractive, fascinating and all about fantasies but is all about simple living and loving others. It is this that we learn and preach the others too. A person or a female who wants to become a part of this is necessary to go through some strict regimes, at the successful end of which she would be taken into the group of sisters of this order. It is not a simple matter to become like us for people will have to come to us by foregoing all their worldly pleasures which is not that easy and simple for all. And hence only those who can really do this become a part of this.

This is not the aspired lifestyle of many for they want to enjoy their living as it is now. Again we do not force or push anyone to become a part of us and it is out of pure love and passion for this that people volunteer to become a part of this order. We are all called the Daughters of God and adhering to this high name and post very close to God, it becomes very important and essential for us to be even more strict to our principles. Of course, this is very different from the other living styles and it is a personal choice to become a sister. But those who have taken this side of life are purely blessed for we serve people with our whole heart and soul and our happiness is in seeing others happy and satisfied in life. We also teach and preach the lessons and teachings of the lord to those interested. Learn more by going through the Order in full.

Religious Order For The Catholic Women


Christianity, as all of us know has a lot of teachings for the mankind that is aimed at rectifying and modifying the lives of people towards the love and affection of god. Now, this cannot be done simply by any normal person and all these principles of life and simple living will have to be taught by someone who has practiced these for quite some time in their lives. And it is none other than the sisters of the church. Becoming a nun or a sister in the holy churches is not a simple task for there are a lot of sacrifices to be made and it is only after this that they become eligible to become sisters or nuns in the church. Mostly the teachings of Bible and that of Lord Jesus Christ is spread and read by them to the these chosen people

Saint Mary Visitation – flashback

Saint Mary Visitation is a Roman Catholic Order for women who are generally known by the name Salesian sisters. The order of Saint Mary Visitation was formed and framed in 1610 in France by Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal. This was mainly formed for the women of the Christian society who can be a part of it and become the daughters of the lord in serving him with love, both in spirit as well as truth until their end. Becoming a part of this order is not an easy and simple task for there are a lot of pre-work and pre-requisites for this. All those who wish to become a part of it are expected to follow certain principles that are generally a little tough and difficult for those leading a normal life. It is only those people who are strong and determined to join the Visitation order would be able to do this.


This needs constant prayer, preaching and not just this but practicing before preaching which is considered the most difficult part of it all. It is believed that only those who have understood and have come through all these would be able to become a part of it for it is only them who can effectively spread the message of god to the others by quoting themselves and their lives an example.

Life of a salesian woman

As said above, becoming a part of this Visitation order is not a simple task for there are a lot of restrictions and pre-requisites that needs to be followed and only after the successful completion of the same would a woman or a girl be eligible to join the order. It is believed that they should lead a life in constant prayer and dedicate their lives to living in the community. It should always be about serving others, the poor and the needy and to educate and enhance their knowledge about God. They are to make many sacrifices in life to become a part of this order and to attain the love of God and this is the main and the cardinal teaching or goal of the sisters of this order.


It is believed that the sisters who become the daughters of this order are taught and believed to be living a life with profound humility towards God and utmost love and gentleness towards the neighbor. They have to forego many things in life both worldly pleasures and also some of their attitudes which might not suit the values of this order. And it is this strict penance that would earn them the respect and regards of a sister of the Order of Saint Mary Visitation. They are expected to not to look strict and sacrificial from outside but are expected to live a simple life by some interior renunciations, following simplicity in regular living and by finding joy and satisfaction in the lives of the others in the community. Their main goal is to see the others happy and it is this that makes them the perfect pick for this order


The major aim or mission of these sisters is to make the love of God visible to all and to see this in the eyes of all through their lives of silence and prayer. They live their life to serve people, to see them happy and in this way see God in all around them.